This requires a blog post.

I just submitted my first short story. It is a flash fiction fantasy piece titled The Red Queen, in which Anthony would give anything for a winning hand, even his own soul. As the blurb in my mind reads.

This was nothing short of terrifying. I guess the process became easier because I’m not that attached to the story. In fact, I’d pretty much forgotten all about it. Then someone read it and made a throwaway remark that I should submit it. Which I did. Only two days after the fact, with minimal editing.

I think I clicked ‘submit’ before I was fully ready, though. I AM SHAKING HERE, PEOPLE. Where’s my naked guy with a palm frond and chocolate cake?!

But yes. I clicked ‘submit’, and the damage is done. Nothing left to do but gulping and… carrying on with my life? That can’t be right.