This requires a blog post.

I just submitted my first short story. It is a flash fiction fantasy piece titled The Red Queen, in which Anthony would give anything for a winning hand, even his own soul. As the blurb in my mind reads.

This was nothing short of terrifying. I guess the process became easier because I’m not that attached to the story. In fact, I’d pretty much forgotten all about it. Then someone read it and made a throwaway remark that I should submit it. Which I did. Only two days after the fact, with minimal editing.

I think I clicked ‘submit’ before I was fully ready, though. I AM SHAKING HERE, PEOPLE. Where’s my naked guy with a palm frond and chocolate cake?!

But yes. I clicked ‘submit’, and the damage is done. Nothing left to do but gulping and… carrying on with my life? That can’t be right.


One response to “This requires a blog post.

  1. This is an awesome first step. The only way forward is to keep writing and keep submitting, even if you have to click that “Submit” button before you’re ever really ready to. Here’s hoping that there’s more submissions in the future!

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