The 7-7-7 Meme!

The amazing Regan Summers tagged me for this meme. The rules are: Go to page 7, 70, or 170 of a current work in progress or recently published work and chose either the first complete paragraph or 7 lines of dialogue to share.

I chose the novella I’m writing right now, working title WING AND A PRAYER. Zach and Anna have just met.

“Then why are you here?”

“Pastor John is in the hospital.” He smirked. “We’ve been over this. Not three minutes ago.”

“Funny.” She faced him and grabbed a blue and white cupcake from the basket. She bit off a small bite with straight, small white teeth and waited until she’d swallowed it. Her tongue snaked out to lick her full lips. “I meant, why have you followed me out onto the lawn?”

Transfixed, Zach needed a moment to understand the question. He shifted, caught in that dangerous territory between half-hard and fully erect. Shit, that would be embarrassing. They would never let him live it down. “You work with the children,” Zach improvised. “Regular contact between us is important. Until Pastor John returns.”

Anna nodded, an amused twist to her mouth. “I give that excuse a five.”

“Out of five stars?” Zach arched an eyebrow. A twinkle danced in her pretty blue eyes. Electricity sparked between them. He became aware that he was holding his breath.

She laughed, throaty but not affected or mannered. “A scale of one to ten.”

So, there you have it. Try not to faint. Now, the rules say I gotta tag seven more people. I pick… Chelsea Mueller, Jilly Glass, Joshua Roots, PJ Perryman, Sadie Dane, Sara Peal and AC Masterson. ┬áHave at it!